NCM is a leading distributor and marketer of fine chemicals, coating & ink ingredients, plastics and fiber reinforcement and construction materials in China. It has developed itself from two local companies (a company in Guangzhou and the other one in Shanghai) to a real nationwide company and transformed itself from a state-owned enterprise under the administration of PRC Chemical Industry Ministry to a non-governmental company.
Presently,NCM represents and distributes more than twenty categories of chemical products manufactured by many distinguished companies, such as: Dupont, Solutia, Dow,...NCM is a middle-scaled chemical enterprise with a sound nationwide distribution network covering all Chinese important economic regions. It is also one of most competitive chemical industry companies in China indubitably. It wishes that it could be honored with Enterprises Outstanding Citizens.
SA8000 International Enterprise Social Obligation Standard and Liability is our promise to the whole society!
ISO9001 is our service standard!



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